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Nice item.

Posted 4419 days ago by Ayu to Visual Novels (ノベルゲーム)

I’ll keep this nice and short, because if you’re familiar you’ll get this pretty quick. Otherwise, you probably won’t care too much.

Once upon a time a certain graphic visual novel gone anime television series had one of its episode broadcasts canceled due to a recent murder. A certain internet overflowed as a result with phrases containing the words “nice” and “boat” as a result.

Now the certain company behind said visual novel are going to winter comiket to bring us nice items. I want a nice item too. ;-;

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Japanese website offers assistance to UK

Posted 4435 days ago by Ayu to 2ch (2ch), WTF (にゃんでやねん)

It seems the old people over in Europe are bouncing around the ideas of flag changing malarkey. Although, if this seems like a bunch of hubbub to you then read the article of Union Flag on wikipedia. If reading isn’t your thing, and I know this is the case for a lot of you, then here is a simple image to make sense of it all for you.

Now if this seems like something that a wet footed foreigner shouldn’t care about, then you’re right. I feel like I’ve waisted my time reading and now writing about this. But I might as well finish what I’ve started here. So then if you’re wondering why I’m bothering to write do read on.


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No Name Losers ef Combo

Posted 4502 days ago by Ayu to Visual Novels (ノベルゲーム)

Today the NNL (No Name Losers) have released an english translation of the minori game demo for ef – a fairy tale of the two. But not only that, they’ve also translated the ef first fandisc and provided a high definition version of the subtitled op.



Dramatic Halo 3 Marketing

Posted 4505 days ago by Ayu to Gaming (ゲーム), Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画)

If you’re a (decent to moderate) fan of the Halo series like I am. There is the off chance that you might also find their recent marketing a bit sappy. By sappy I mean, in the sort of way you might respond to a friends lame sob story. With a verbal blow that uses something along the lines of suggesting violin played in the background. I thought about this as I watched the new videos at, except the ones I’m talking about already have violin playing in the background.



School Days 12: Nice Boat

Posted 4508 days ago by Ayu to Anime (アニメ), Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画)

School Days episode 12 was pulled from the air yesterday. No official reason has been given by Kanagawa Television. Although, it looks as though other stations may follow their example.


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Behind The Moe: Akiko Minase

Posted 4512 days ago by Ayu to Anime (アニメ)

In a short series of articles, I intend to uncover the lesser known dirt on your favorite characters. First up is a bit from everyones favorite 2006 supernatural romance, comedy drama.


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ニコニコ動画 x Mario

Posted 4512 days ago by Ayu to Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画)

Who thought Mario noises would make entertaining remixes?



Kanon 2006, Looking Back

Posted 4513 days ago by Ayu to Anime (アニメ)

Ayu’s writing quality at it’s finest. Uguu!


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Everybody Hey!

Posted 4513 days ago by Ayu

I would like to take this very moment, and use it to welcome our future readers, to the end. Right now the only people reading this are the editors themselves. And friends that would hear this kind of —— from us anyway. To them it may be a beginning of something we couldn’t possibly expect to go anywhere. Although if you’re reading this, you’ve reached the end of the thread (welcome), you can now return to the source (or most recent post).