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Neko Nyan Liberation

Serving up both kinds of moe

What? You want to know about *us*? GTFO.

But if you insist...


Translator and manager of
Controls the “Agi’s Blazing Catnip” section. The only reason it’s named that way seems to be because of his nickname of ‘hellfire kitty.’

Uses for short random blog-like entries about things that are only somewhat related to the more serious translation-focused Neechin.

Of the staff, probably most interested in following seiyuu activities, listening to internet radio programs, and visual-novel related news.


Just a man / with a man’s courage ♪

AstCd2 writes for everlasting peace in the Sword in the Bone column. He has also worked as a translator on some games, manga and whatnot.


Ayu Tsukimiya (月宮 あゆ, Tsukimiya Ayu) is a fictional character from the Japanese visual novel Kanon, voiced by Yui Horie. Ayu is a short, strange, and mysterious girl that literally bumped into Yuichii early in the story. She is immediately recognizable by her winged backpack, red headband, and tendency to refer to herself with the masculine pronoun boku (僕, boku?), meaning “I”. Ayu is notorious for her catch phrase, “Ugū!” (うぐぅ, “Uguu!”), which she mutters as an expression of various negative emotions such as frustration, anger, and fear.


A rolly-polly little mouse living in Tokyo. Translator for hgtp. Writes for the Mouse Pad, a section dedicated to doujinshi conventions.


Hakurei Shrine section.

Well, eh. I spend all day playing games, buying miko-related goods or bumming around nicovideo.
But when something really sets me off, the hellfire shall rise to the sky…


Who, me? What do you expect of a guy who’s named after superglue?

I sit around and do mad-scientist type stuff professionally and enjoy moe on the side.


A coined handle that popped up in the fansubbing scene back in 2003, making a grand debut to the world of elitism by stating leechers are the scum of the online anime community. Since then he’s known to be involved in several dramatic incidents of internet culture that involved communities such as the AnimeSuki forums, the HongFire forums, Wikipedia, ANN, Anime-Planet, the English anime Blogosphere and many other. Right now he’s keeping himself busy with writing for Neko Nyan Liberation, lurking over general anime news (it’s hard work keeping up with tons of Japanese RSS, MOON PHASE and Google Alerts, ya know), fansubbing for several groups and stalking Gia Manry (whom he wishes to date one day as she’s the closest thing to Izumi Konata that he knows :3). He keeps himself indoors, barely leaving his comfy room for work and foods and otaku goodies when they arrive.