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I hate my printer.

Posted 4588 days ago by GipFace

Can someone explain to me how printing high-quality black text on an inkjet printer uses color ink? The printer in question is a Canon Pixma I-Pee-3000.

For reference, see for a picture of the ink cartridge. The printer has separate CMY cartridges at 15cc each, while black uses a slightly larger cartridge and holds 25cc. The left part is the reservoir, while the right part is the pressure sponge. If the reservoir is emptly, you know it’s time to refill.

The day began with the black cartridge just having a nice, clean refill, while the CMY inks were at around 85-90%. After printing an 800 page reference book, the black was at 50%, cyan had a low ink warning (reservoir at 0% so it was using what remained in the sponge), magenta was at 20%, and yellow was at 60%.

Did I mention that the printer is painfully slow when you set it on high and double-sided? It prints at a blistering pace of 40 pages (20 sheets) an hour. That’s right, an hour, and a large chunk of that time is spent sucking the paper back in to print the other side. But wow, is the text razor sharp or what?

In spite of this, I’ll still swear by Canon printers because the ink is ridiculously cheap. I had an Epson once, and the ink in that sucker dried out faster than hot sploodge on skin.

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Posted 4614 days ago by GipFace

I finally remembered my password! Huzzah~


Supah Hamonika Test

Posted 4633 days ago by GipFace

So, last year there were some doramaz with the Wind a breath of heart patch. But that’s all in the past! What follows is the entirety of the Supah Hamonika Test for the curious…


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PotD #2

Posted 4644 days ago by GipFace

Source: GameFAQs – LUE [Closed board]

I am one of only about 15k people who can access the holy grail of all message boards, which Encyclopedia Dramatica declares as the colon of the internet. So what exactly is everyone else missing out on? Topics like these:


Share your tips!

The next PotD will be from another site. I promise.


PotD #1

Posted 4646 days ago by GipFace

Ehh… my ANOD ReVu section officially gets the axe. I just don’t feel like writing an essay every week (but I did watch AIR 7 and it was okay.) On the other hand, here’s a brand new section where I will post thought-provoking ideas from message boards! It’s the Post of the Day! Whether a post tingles your brain or is flat-out comical, one thing’s for sure: it’s good-natured entertainment all around!

Source: GameFAQs Board 8 – Contests


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Posted 4647 days ago by GipFace

The article speaks for itself.

Japanese Anime is Destroying American Society



Posted 4649 days ago by GipFace

The ef – a tale of memories opening, Euphoric Field, is pure gold…


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No Name Losers - The Dark Side That Was

Posted 4657 days ago by GipFace

As you may know, my fansub group, NNL, retired as of September 28th. The sendoff on the actual site [] is about as nice as you can get from my friend and I, the two people who kept the group afloat for over five years.

However, it wasn’t all fun and games. There were dark moments as well. Take a look at how being an overdriven zealot can lead one person to insanity…


Nice ending.

Posted 4673 days ago by GipFace

My memory came in today! Not only that, but Canada Post called and told me I’d be getting a check in the mail for my shipping costs! The memory itself doesn’t overclock as well as my old sticks, but I don’t think I’ll be missing the lost 232MHz too much. (Old sticks powered my Core 2 Duo to 3300MHz, while these sticks only remain stable up to 3068MHz)

Thumbs up to Corsair. I’ll pick them again any day.

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Posted 4674 days ago by GipFace

Due to work and commitments to NNL (the other one), I have not watched a fansub for leisure in over a year, with the sole exception being overnight fansub marathoning at AnimeNorth. Instead, when I am tired, I plop on my couch, turn to channel 210, and watch some R1 dubs. After a long day of fansubbing and actual Japanese language studying, the last thing I want to do is listen to more Japanese.

ANOD ReVu” will be a running column about what I watch on ANOD


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