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Artbook Review #1 - Sola - Visual Fanbook

Posted 4535 days ago by dovac to Goodies (グッズ)

Hopefully this will be a somewhat weekly feature until I run out of artbooks or I get bored. I saw this at the Los Angeles Kinokuniya and having a weakness of everything good and Moé I decided to buy it without a second thought.



"In depth" guide on installing danbooru on freebsd

Posted 4536 days ago by dovac

This was mostly for myself in case I ever needed to do a fresh install of danbooru on freebsd, so lets get started


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Feeding my addiction of artbooks

Posted 4539 days ago by dovac

So last Sunday I went to the 3 Book Offs around Los Angeles, for those who don’t know what Book Off is, it a used bookstore in Japan and they always have TONs of 1 dollar mangas that you can pick up. They also carry used dvds, magazines, and of course art books. Since they’re so cheap I tend to splurge on getting all the ones that catch my eyes. Anyways don’t want to clutter up the front page so pictures follow the jump


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High Res Scanning for Dummies

Posted 4595 days ago by dovac

I was asked a few weeks ago to write up a guide on how to scan something in high res and to clean it. So here is the guide.


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Downtime expected

Posted 4630 days ago by dovac to WTF (にゃんでやねん)

Server has been moved, anything broken?


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Goal Reached

Posted 4632 days ago by dovac to WTF (にゃんでやねん)

Thank you so much everyone, we’ve reached the goal. This month and next month is secured. I can’t really describe my feelings in words to everyone who donated. Any other donations between now and next month will be used for future months as well as any future server upgrades.

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It lives

Posted 4632 days ago by dovac to WTF (にゃんでやねん) is back in business. Thanks for the donations, safe posting is disabled and you’re not forced to register. Keep in mind the goal wasn’t reached but the site’s up and using bw. Thank you overtime in temp job and the donations!

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Ok here we go

Posted 4633 days ago by dovac to WTF (にゃんでやねん)

“Next” week I’m going to get paid from my boss, here’s hoping I get paid -_-t

Anyways, donations I think by putting the button on a separate webpage and calling it somewhat “different” will pass on paypal. So I will set a button up over here.

The goal for this month at least is 205 dollars, if donations can cover that amount I will cover the rest of 299 dollars. After that the following months will be 199 dollars which I can cover, but any help regarding that will be greatly appreciated. When you do donate please include the username you’re using on moe danbooru so I can add your nick to the donation tracker.

Many thanks if you’re able to donate.

Now I’m thinking of how to make a torrent for people to download, the problem is that people tend to rename their files so that won’t work very well. Anyways, any suggestions/thoughts about it please post in comments. Thanks

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An apology

Posted 4634 days ago by dovac to Rant (不平), WTF (にゃんでやねん)

Sorta hot headed last night due to complaints, money problems, and a stroke of bad luck(which I won’t talk about), but yes the site will be back, I’ll just need about a week to get something worked out though others. Regarding donations I’ll have to think of how to accept them since paypal didn’t like the fact there was “pornographic” materials on the site.
The “fuck you and die” was mainly to the people who complained, I’m sorry if I offended others.

bots, sos-dan, and other sites don’t take up as much bw as danbooru, danbooru pushes close to 5MB/s at peak. If anyone was wondering.

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fuck off and die

Posted 4634 days ago by dovac to Rant (不平)

I’m tired of people complaining of a free site, bandwidth is expensive and I’m tired of paying for it. Will the site come back? Maybe if my boss actually paid me for my work. I only put up the donation button since my boss hasn’t paid me for the past 3 months. If/when/ever I get paid I’ll think about putting the site back up.





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