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Chronicles of the Comiket Knight

Posted 4527 days ago by chiisai_nezumi to Conventions (コンベンション), Doujinshi (同人誌), Goodies (グッズ), Japan (日本), WTF (にゃんでやねん)

For some people, it takes over half a dozen tries to master Comiket. Others get it their second try. This is the tale of a mouse, a cold strategic mind, and an unholy mission that could only end badly.

The doujin that I bought at Comiket 73 just for myself …

The doujin that I bought for friends – the stuff that was in pic 1 is not included this pic – note that I scored over 7 different goods sets

Industry material

Comiket Day 4 – the raid on Akiba. This is everything I got (new and old) in the madhouse rush on Toranoana, Melonbooks, K-Books, and the various smaller doujin shops.


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A little slice of Japan ...

Posted 4580 days ago by chiisai_nezumi to Japan (日本), WTF (にゃんでやねん)

A photographic slice of life in Japan …

Cake in Japan doesn’t come cheap, but it sure is tasty. 440 yen slices of cake from PAUL in Yotsuya. And yes, that little packet in the back of the box is actually your own personal ice pack, designed to keep your cakes wonderfully fresh before you eat them



Oota-ku: Popular choice of the otaku mini-convention

Posted 4600 days ago by chiisai_nezumi to Conventions (コンベンション), Doujinshi (同人誌)

Practically everyone knows about Tokyo Big Sight because of ginormous and well-publicized events such as Comiket (glorified in media by such shows as Lucky Star and Comic Party), but not so many people know about the dozens of mini-conventions every year and the buildings they take place in.

Some examples of mini-conventions: on the left, What do you listen to? (なに聞いてるの?), a headphone girl themed mini-convention (illustration by ニリツ); on the right, Sukima Festival (スキマフェスティバル). The fact that it has Tokyo Big Sight on the advertisement despite being held at the Oota-ku Industrial Plaza is testament to the grip Big Sight has on otaku culture



Next up: Sunshine Creation 37

Posted 4631 days ago by chiisai_nezumi to Conventions (コンベンション), Doujinshi (同人誌)

First up on the list of conventions to hit this year is Sunshine Creation, known as SunCri (サンクリ) for short. This mid-sized convention is held every three to four months (barring some major event, such as Comiket) in the World Import Mart’s Cultural Hall in the gigantic Sunshine City shopping complex in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

A small army of otaku waits for the doors to open for Sunshine Creation 34 at Sunshine City’s World Import Mart


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On to Tokyo!

Posted 4634 days ago by chiisai_nezumi to Conventions (コンベンション), Rant (不平)

“I have accomplished the greatest dream of a small mouse.”

Those are the words that popped into my little brain one morning in the middle of my move to Tokyo (and easy access to the holy land of otaku, Akihabara).

So, what exactly is the Mouse Pad for? It’s space to write about conventions in Tokyo. What kind of conventions? Doujinshi, figure, anime … anything I want to attend! Pictures, stories, and guides of the best conventions a little mouse can find – Comic Market, Comic1, Wanfest … these are just a few of the conventions that will appear here over the course of the next few years.

I’ll arrive in Tokyo in about two weeks, if everything goes as planned. As you can imagine, I’m positively drooling. Easy access to doujin tends to do that.

- chiisai_nezumi (小さい鼠)