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Beware of the plushies and their button eyes

Neko Nyan Liberation

Serving up both kinds of moe


Shinji Taisen :: Saimoe Block A Finals
Oct 15, 09:38 AM

Shinji Taisen :: Nice post.
Sep 19, 07:10 PM

Shinji Taisen :: Flat, boing, or something in the middle? Ojou, doji, or mature?
Sep 18, 05:33 PM

Shinji Taisen :: Idiots, Elves, Screeching voices. Sleepy cats, Otaku, somethingidontwatch.
Sep 17, 07:08 PM

Shinji Taisen :: Saimoe Round 2 Start
Sep 17, 06:42 AM

Shinji Taisen :: Test
Sep 13, 11:59 PM