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Neko Nyan Liberation

Serving up both kinds of moe


Posted 4638 days ago by 川鳥真司

Neko Nyan Liberation is a collection of blogs.

The staff are picked from a wide array of people. Some are friendly, many are angry, some are silly, some like controversy, some avoid it, some make no sense, some have advanced degrees, some are barely graduating. The only thing that’s constant is that we have our various interests, and we have our own opinions.

Neko Nyan focuses on random things, geeky things, otaku related things. Each of the staff has their own section, and has practically total control over the content within their sections. Any one staff’s articles, opinions, etc., have no real relationship to another staffer’s work. You’ll find articles on radio shows, games, shopping, plush toys, doujin, merchandise, news commentary, anime, and more.

News, commentary, reviews, links to fun things, big topics, small topics, are all allowed. No one knows what’s going to appear, but in all likelihood, no one will like reading ALL of the staffers, with the wide range of people writing here, it’s expected.

Pick your poison. Happy reading.