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ef - the first tale project

Posted Feb 3, 09:14 AM by cyanoacry to Anime (アニメ), Visual Novels (ノベルゲーム)

A little peek at what I’m up to.


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Minato radio renewal #1

Posted Feb 3, 05:23 AM by Agilis to Radio (ラジオ), Seiyuu (声優)

Mmm. it’s been awhile since I’ve had time to sit down and write a radio post. So, something special.

On 2/2, Minatosoft’s Kimi ga aruji de, ore ga shitsuji de radio show, minato-radio has just gone through a renewal, with previous host Goto Yuko (Miyu), and Ito Shizuka (Shinra)!



Cotton All-stars #2

Posted Feb 2, 07:41 PM by Agilis to Visual Novels (ノベルゲーム)

Character popularity voting is always amusing.



Introduction to the translation review section

Posted Jan 24, 08:03 AM by zalas

Before I begin reviewing Japanese to English translations, I would like to first explain my grading system so that my grading scheme can be easily comprehended.



Cotton Nagisa no 1.01 patch released

Posted Jan 21, 04:23 AM by Agilis to Visual Novels (ノベルゲーム)

The patch to Cottonsoft’s 3rd game Nagisa no came out today. Compared to other game patches lately, it’s a small tame bugfix instead of a huge overhaul…



C73 Goodies

Posted Jan 19, 12:54 AM by cyanoacry to Conventions (コンベンション), Doujinshi (同人誌), Goodies (グッズ)

Finally a relavant post from cyan—-new goodies.




Posted Jan 13, 10:33 PM by Akira to Goodies (グッズ), Visual Novels (ノベルゲーム)

Alright, for all you Narcissu fanboys out there who couldn’t pick up a copy of the novel from Comiket, your chance has come!

According to Stage-Nana, the novel will be on sale on these online shops:

Melon Books

Price is to be set at 450 yen; sale will begin sometime between the 17th and the 20th of January.

Get your money ready, kids! This is it <_<;;;


A bit late on the intel; my apologies. m(__)m


Pratia Radio #41 - A new beginning

Posted Jan 10, 05:55 AM by Agilis to Radio (ラジオ), Seiyuu (声優)

New year, new personality, new format…



13 seiyuu in a maid cafe for a 2 hour radio show...

Posted Jan 10, 05:47 AM by Agilis to Radio (ラジオ), Seiyuu (声優)

The title says it all…




Posted Jan 9, 03:43 PM by 川鳥真司 to Visual Novels (ノベルゲーム), WTF (にゃんでやねん)

In the spirit of hellfire. That’s two sites down. VN and v-n.


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