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This Article is a Lie

Posted Feb 10, 11:17 PM by shinikenshi to WTF (にゃんでやねん)

…or that is what I was considering as the intention of my first written post here. However, that perhaps will turn out not to be the case. So what is there to talk about then?

Whether I like it or not, my work and travels allows me to keep a hold on the pulse of all things otaku on both ends of the slightly-larger pond. With this year’s expansion into more foreign anime conventions, I will have the honor of finding out if Narutards truly are a universal existence understood outside of North America. If I am not completely lazy, perhaps you will find a report or two on the various events I travel to. With luck, perhaps there will be pictures as well! What a shock!

My travels also regularly bring me to the holy site of otakudom that is Akihabara. If jetlag and drunkenness doesn’t get me, you may find articles on the happenings in Akiba. This and much more on the next exciting episode of-

…eh nevermind.


  1. Feb 11, 03:01 AM

    Ayu Says:

    In before episode 2.

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