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Palette releases sakura strasse arranged insert song

Posted Apr 15, 04:45 AM by Agilis to Visual Novels (ノベルゲーム)

It’s been awhile since I posted here, what with being impossibly busy for a month, but something quick.

Palette released an arranged BGM instrumental song of Rat-a-Tat. It’s a special insert song in their latest game Sakura Strasse, and the original version had been sung by Hashimoto Miyuki and is generally nice.

BURTON and Tynwald music did the music to Sakura Strasse, and this particular arrangement by BURTON really captures the lovely music style of the whole game.

Like with the previous game Moshiraba, it uses live instruments (you can hear the flautist’s breath) and is generally pretty.

Now I’m just pissed that this isn’t on the official soundtracks, and it’s only available in the 160kbps MP3…


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