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3/5, Miko no hi. \o/

Posted Mar 4, 09:11 PM by Agilis

The Miko-san matsuri festival is going on right now.

Every year since 2006 (I think, if not before…) a number of artist web sites that feature Japanese Miko have been celebrating “巫女さん祭”(Miko festival) every March 5th. (3/5 => mi-go => miko => miko no hi => miko day)

Mostly the event just means that various artists put up a special miko-related piece of artwork to share with everyone. Often they’re wallpapers of various sizes or just large pictures. As always, a few people are a little bit late in finishing their piece, but often will have rough sketches up by 3/5, and the final version gets put up a few days after.

It’s just a fun thing to do on a sleepy day in the start of March, and a good chance to poke around and see different artists. Go follow the banner links on the festival page and see.


  1. Mar 5, 02:23 AM

    Hinano Says:

    Thanks for the heads up!
    In celebration I did a fanart as well XD
    Hatsune Miko

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