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Posted Mar 3, 12:13 AM by Web to Anime (アニメ)

I recently saw the most amazing yurilicious anime ONA recently called Candy☆Boy. I’m amazed how this has eluded me for so long given that good yuri is very rare thesedays compared to stuff like yaoi cough. On top of that the main characters are sisters! If that isn’t moe enough I don’t know what is.

Originally released by the Japanese multimedia site CHO! Animelo , this ONA has really amazing animation. It’s nice, crisp, and detailed. The streaming versions hardly do it justice though given to the low-resolution of the video.

In terms of plot, well it’s only 10 minutes long so it’s not anything particularly deep but it’s fun to watch. Due to the immense popularity of the ONA, there’s a DVD version available as well along with the PV by Meilin entitled ‘Candy☆Boy’, most likely where the series got it’s name. Also to note is that there are future episodes also planned.

If you do get around to watching, please comment on your impressions of it. Please try to avoid spoiling it for those that have yet to see it.

You can find the original Candy☆Boy on nikoniko, if you don’t understand Japanese I’d advise you to seek out one of the fansubbed versions that are floating around.


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