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To Heart 2 Another Days Radio #3

Posted Feb 29, 07:59 AM by Agilis to Radio (ラジオ), Seiyuu (声優)

Whee. TH2AD radio on onsen is quite amusing.

This time, Uehara Rena is the guest, and was the singer for ED theme.

As usual, reporting on the most amusing random stories that pop up during the show.

Kogure Ema’s story of the show:

While they were asking the guest about any special skills that they have, Ema-sama mentions that on her profile at her agency, it’s written that she’s good at cooking. At which point Ryouko-tan bursts out laughing.

Apparently at the time she started, she couldn’t think of anything to write down, and since it’s not like you had to show the skill anyways, she just put cooking down. She’s asked for it to be taken off for awhile now, but it’s still there

Recently, she decided against writing “impressions” down, since she can only do people like Rikimaru Noriko (the CV for TH2’s Komaki Manaka)…

Ono Ryouko’s story of the show:

A story that she’s told to man people apparently, but during middle school, during graduation day, she received a love letter from a boy. It was from a boy that she had liked at the time.

Reading on, towards the end…. she notices that it’s directed to, some other girl… The guy who delivered it (not the author of course), gave it to the wrong girl… To make things worse, the letter had been addressed to a close friend…


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