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To Heart 2 Another Days - HMX Radio Starts

Posted Feb 18, 04:42 AM by Agilis to Radio (ラジオ), Seiyuu (声優)

A new shiny program popped up on Onsen’s radio site last friday.

Maaryan and Sasara’s Seitokai Radio show starts off, more or less taking the spot of the old TH2 radio (which had run for some 95 weekly episodes) in promoting Aquaplus and To Heart 2.

Maaryan’s CV: Kogure Ema, and Sasara’s CV: Ono Ryouko are the hosts, and the show is looking to be a rather amusing one.

Despite Maaryan’s character being so high pitched and high tension, “Ema-sama” is much lower pitched, and on average quite dark. Sasara’s “Ryoko-tan” also seems to have this tendency to drop dark comments also.

By 3 minutes in. Ema-sama has already apologized for failing to “put a more grown-up atmosphere” to the show. This is true. They start doing self introduction questions and things start rolling downhill.

For example… “Things that you’ve been doing alot lately”: Ryouko-tan has been sticking sparkly things to decorate her cell phone… then sent on to do it to mirrors…

While Ema-sama is busy saving money. Because previously she’d been hooked on net shopping, except, that sort of of activity has more or less made the future (that is, right now) rather tight. So now, since she’s the type that doesn’t like holding back if she wants something (that’s not too expensive) she’s been holding back on food.

Ryouko-tan comments that she had heard that Ema-sama had been eating 100yen lunches for awhile, but apparently this has jumped up to 200yen. She’s even cooking, “like a guy” she says, by making a biiiig pot, and having enough food for 3-4 days.

That’s about the general feel of the show.

To close, best bizarre story of the show: while talking about school festivals, they start mentioning what they did for their own festivals. Ema-sama doesn’t remember anything about her’s since they weren’t allowed to use fire, so they couldn’t do a lot of fun things like cook in the classrooms. Anyways, the only thing she does remember is that some class’s horror house, there was a part where you had to crawl in through a cardboard box, and all sorts of hands come out and felt a lot of strange places.


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