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D.C.II plushies

Posted Feb 12, 05:16 PM by Clammy to Goodies (グッズ), Plushies (ぬいぐるみ)

The newest editions to the plushie brigade are these two plushies from D.C.II, Yume and Nanaka.
Yume Nanaka

They were part of the two limited (no kidding there, only 300 produced!) edition “Winter Box” sets released, which each featured a bedsheet thing, a plushie and a small printed card of somesort all featuring said heroine.

With the price tag of 10,000yen per box you would be expecting godlike qualities, which were delivered. I can’t speak extensively for the sheet thing and the card, which I shipped off to a friend (since they didn’t interest me) who shared the cost. They appeared to be very high quality though, looking through the packaging and even the boxes, which were also very nicely printed.

As for the plushies, I haven't seen such high quality before in plushieform ;_; (excluding Wreathlit ;_;).

The most outstanding feature are the sewn on eyes, mouth and eyebrows:
Yume's face Nanaka's face

While quite a number of my recent plushies have featured this, the intricate clothing designs and accessory/ribbonwork place these above the others. The only other plushie I’ve seen/have that rivals these is Wreathlit Life. But you can’t really consider that, since it’s in a league entirely to itself. (Article pending ;_;)

So enjoy the rest of the pix:

Gamers links:
Nanaka set
Yume set


  1. Feb 13, 06:04 AM

    meganeshounen Says:

    Wow. Not.. bad I guess, since I’ve never seen a Da Capo II plushie before. Still, their hair might use more work… T_T

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