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Neko Nyan Liberation

Serving up both kinds of moe


Posted Jan 9, 03:43 PM by 川鳥真司 to Visual Novels (ノベルゲーム), WTF (にゃんでやねん)

Remember, it was back in November when VN(.net) went down. It’s still down, and the guy that runs the server is missing as usual. Just recently, it looks like v-n(.net) went down too. Sure, visual novel community websites going down isn’t a good thing, but each of these has their own individual problems that makes this quite funny. Anyways, the way VisualFail is, we don’t expect it to come back any time soon. Unless you got $30 for him to ‘borrow’.


  1. Jan 10, 01:38 AM

    Akira Says:

    Said guy that runs the server owes ME 30 bucks. <_<;;;

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