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Sakura Taisen Budoukan - Teito Paris New York

Posted Dec 24, 10:32 PM by 川鳥真司 to Gaming (ゲーム), Goodies (グッズ), Music (音楽), Seiyuu (声優)

HSB-152, 7800 yen

This year, Sakura Taisen finally made it to Budoukan, something Hiroi Ouji joked about years ago. This event grought together the casts of all five Sakura Taisen games, a bunch of Japanese representing too many different countries (Minus the Italian…but who needs her…).

My preorder from RED Store came with a bracelet and a poster for the event.

Although I watched the streaming version, the DVD brings much more content, presenting the opening words from stage hand Hiroi, host Hirou Ouji, and cleaning boy O. G. Simpson. As well as the announcement he made about Sakura Taisen DS at the event.

The other feature was ‘One Long Day at Budoukan’, a play on the ‘One Long Day’ parts of the games. Unfortunately there was nothing like Hanagumi Camera, which covers the production process from the start. However, it’s quite intersting anyways, showing the various people that attended, and backstage during the show. Of note were the gaijin, the little girl dressed as Iris, hands being held by her parents, umm…Sakura and Oogami? Backstage, lots of the 17-year-old Inoue Kikuko giving us a compeltely different view of Lobelia complete with a Moe-shirt, and Mell connecting her costume to Akihabara.

Moving onto the main feature, the live itself, it was well worth the cost, giving everybody a chance to sing. It opened with each group’s theme song, then the support groups. Yes, that includes the infamous Baragumi Ballet. Everybody got to do character songs, then Kanna divided everybody into small groups to sing themed songs. At the end, Over the Rainbow for New York, followed by Kimi Yo Hana Yo for Teito and Paris brought people back into the large group, followed by one more song from all the Kagekidan girls, Hana Bon Bori. But of course, there’s always an encore, so each group got to sing a final song, although Teito’s Yume no Tsuduki was done by everybody involved, including the side groups.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any screenshots yet, so I’ll post some later. Also, here’s the track list.

Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan – Teito girls
Mihata no Moto ni – Paris girls
Chijou no Senshi – New York girls
Koko wa Paradise – New York support
Kanpan Furafura – Captains
Ucha! – Baragumi
Koi no Hassha All Right / Mysterious – Teito and Paris support

Subarashiki Butai – Reni
Etude – Iris
Metro de Ikou – Kouran
Natsu ga Kita – Kaede
Shima Kaze – Kanna
Zettai Unmei no Tango – Sumire
Ikiteru Yorokobi – Maria
Sakura Zensen – Sakura

Ai no Hi wo Seine ni Tomose – Glycine
Kokoro no Kasa wa – Hanabi
Issho ni Arukou – Coquelicot
192455631 – Lobelia
Namida yo, Au Revoir – Erica

Kagayaku Seiza – Subaru
Aru Hi Aozora wo Miagete – Diana
Jungle Revue – Rika
Downtown Heart – Sagitta
Samurai Tamashii – Gemini

Dandy – Dandy-dan

Ohanabatake – Iris, Coquelicot, Rika (kids (sorry, Iris))
Icarus no Hoshi – Reni, Subaru (…)
Tokyoteki Kyuujitsu – Kouran, Lobelia, Diana (glasses)
Viva! Harlem – Maria, Sagitta (guns)
Akuma no You ni – Erica, Gemini (I can’t remember…)
Miyako no Hana zo – Sakura, Kaede, Hanabi (yamatonadeshiko)
Kuroneko Rumba – Kanna, Sumire, Glycine (yeah, I know Kanna doesn’t fit)

Ryuuboku – Baragumi
Anata to Naraba – All support, side groups, captains
Over the Rainbow Sunshine – New York girls, Sunnyside
Kimi yo Hana yo – Teito, Paris girls, Oogami
Hana Bon Bori – All Kagekidan girls

Kiss Me Sweet – New york girls
Mirai (Voyage) – Paris girls
Yume no Tsudzuki – Cast


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