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I hate my printer.

Posted Dec 15, 02:51 AM by GipFace

Can someone explain to me how printing high-quality black text on an inkjet printer uses color ink? The printer in question is a Canon Pixma I-Pee-3000.

For reference, see for a picture of the ink cartridge. The printer has separate CMY cartridges at 15cc each, while black uses a slightly larger cartridge and holds 25cc. The left part is the reservoir, while the right part is the pressure sponge. If the reservoir is emptly, you know it’s time to refill.

The day began with the black cartridge just having a nice, clean refill, while the CMY inks were at around 85-90%. After printing an 800 page reference book, the black was at 50%, cyan had a low ink warning (reservoir at 0% so it was using what remained in the sponge), magenta was at 20%, and yellow was at 60%.

Did I mention that the printer is painfully slow when you set it on high and double-sided? It prints at a blistering pace of 40 pages (20 sheets) an hour. That’s right, an hour, and a large chunk of that time is spent sucking the paper back in to print the other side. But wow, is the text razor sharp or what?

In spite of this, I’ll still swear by Canon printers because the ink is ridiculously cheap. I had an Epson once, and the ink in that sucker dried out faster than hot sploodge on skin.


  1. Nov 9, 02:14 PM

    supernoob Says:

    laser ink is cheaper when you consider how many pages it can print out as opposed to ink. This applies to ALL laser and ink cartridges.

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