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Supah Hamonika Test

Posted Oct 30, 09:29 PM by GipFace

So, last year there were some doramaz with the Wind a breath of heart patch. People flocked like sheep into our IRC channel and attempted to answer simple questions to get the patch if they could not procure a photograph of the game contents. The Supah Hamonika Test was 20 questions, and the question for each participant was determined by rolling a d20. There was a generic 21st question based on, but that was never used.

Unfortunately, the Supah Hamonika Test only solidified the fact that the internet is full of idiots. Not a single question was answered correctly. Later, one of the localization team members took the test and answered every question correctly. That person is now an employee of Google, so if you own Wind DVD and fail this test, you lack the intelligence to work at Google.

Until today, the Supah Hamonika Test questions were only known by me, insani, and heklin of the Shuffle! game translation project. Since it’s all history now, Here’s the Supah Hamonika Test and the answers in all its glory. Note that almost every question has a “catch” to it. How many can you answer?

Easy difficulty (30 seconds to answer)
How many Japanese characters are printed on the game disc?
[Used, log unavailable]

How many discs are included?
THREE (Game disc, OST, support disc)
[Used, log here]

How many characters are introduced in the startup manual?

How many of the characters introduced in the startup manual are wearing shoelaces?
THREE (Makoto, Tsutomu, Nozomi)
[Used, log here. I gave him 45 seconds because I was nice.]

What audio format is mentioned on the bottom of page 2 of the startup manual?

What is the name of the character on the disc drawn with black ink? Consult the startup manual if you do not know her name.

The last line on the white support disc is in English. Type in that line exactly as it appears. CASE-SENSITIVE, NO TYPOS ALLOWED.
Pressed in JAPAN.

What are the words contained in the horizontal bar of the white support disc?

And the straw that broke the camel’s back, the easiest question of them all…
What color is the cardboard insert?
[Used, log here]

Medium difficulty (60 seconds to answer)
On the third line of the last paragraph with white lettering located on the back of the box, there are five roman letters. Rearrange these letters in backwards alphabetical order.

Which of the characters introduced in the startup manual are NOT shown on the back of the box?
Trick question – THEY ARE ALL SHOWN

On the underside of the game disc, there is an eight character code in microtext, and it’s smaller than all of the other characters. What is it?
1FP1 L270

On the customer feedback postcard side which has the word minori sandwiched between two horizontal lines, how many checkboxes are there?
77 (B: 2×9, C: 9, D: 10×5. 18+9+50=77)
[Used, log here]

On the customer feedback postcard side which has the word minori sandwiched between two horizontal lines, how many pairs of large parentheses are there?

On the back page of the startup manual, there are three English words in the last section of circled bullets. Type in those words exactly as they appear. CASE-SENSITIVE, NO TYPOS ALLOWED.
JAPAN Sales Only

The inside of the startup manual uses a shot of the cafe One Day for the background. What time does One Day open on Tuesdays?
9 AM

The inside of the startup manual uses a shot of the cafe One Day for the background. What time does One Day open on Thursdays?
[Used, log here. This person did provide a photograph later and became a valuable member of the Build C team.]

There are four lines of microtext on the OST insert. Starting with the word Made, type in the rest of the fourth line.

Hard difficulty (90 seconds to answer)
Add up all the digits of the barcode, then subract all the digits located on the vertical side of the box (this includes the 18+ sticker).
-15 (Add: 4 5 6 1 9 4 1 1 9, subtract: 1 8 1 8 9 8 2 8 1 9)
[Used, log here. I gave him 60 seconds by accident, and I missed a digit in the original answer, but since his answer was way off, it wouldn’t have mattered.]

On the customer feedback postcard side which says POST CARD, multiply all the digits in the larger font, then subtract the digits in the smaller font.
-22 (0 times anything = 0, ergo subtract 1 5 9 1 6)
[Used, log unavailable]

(Himeya Soft only, use if user purchased from that site)
Type in the last two lines of Himeya Soft’s address exactly as how it appeared on your EMS receipt. NO TYPOS ALLOWED.
Urawa-ku Saitama-shi | Saitama-ken

Kudos to dovac for keeping most of the logs!


  1. Oct 31, 09:30 AM

    Asceai Says:

    I think it’s pretty hilarious that nobody got any of the questions right – including at least one person who later proved ownership of the game. What the hell happened there? The only one I see there that someone with a copy of the game could really make a mistake on was the game disc character one (e.g. answering minamo), and only if they didn’t read the question properly. I’m sad I missed this excellent dorama.

  2. Oct 31, 10:16 AM

    Asceai Says:

    Oh, and on that note, a year ago when I had this ridiculous notion of patching “Cherry Petals Fall Like Teardrops” with someone else (before recovering from that temporary lapse in sanity and realising exactly what that would involve), I was thinking of having something similar for the patch distribution. The questions I was thinking of were more of the ‘Give the Xth word on the Yth line on Page Z’-type questions that you used to get in old PC games as a copy protection mechanism. Now that I think about it, something like that would be fraught with problems and in general it would be a pain to administer securely. Plus, for it to be effective at all, I’d have to uniquely cryptographically ‘sign’ each patch release.

  3. Oct 31, 11:31 PM

    waha Says:

    You sir, are a faggot. That is all.

  4. Oct 31, 11:32 PM

    ckx Says:


  5. Oct 31, 11:46 PM

    Asceai Says:


    thx, wuv you too _ Like I said, it wasn’t a very good idea in the first place =p

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