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Circle spotlight: CHRONOLOG / Sakurazawa Izumi

Posted Oct 21, 08:48 AM by waha to Doujinshi (同人誌)

Sakurazawa Izumi (Or Sakurzawa It“umi as she likes to write it at times) has been active in the doujin world for over 10 years now. She debuted in August 1995 together with ROS of R-WORKS, and later in December that year her first solo work was released. During the earlier years, and then on and off until the early 2000s she did books together with ROS, but also quite a few solo works. More recently she’s worked together with Fururi, Ichigosaizu, and D.N.A.Lab.

Sakurazawa-san has also done the art for a couple of eroge, she used to have a close relationship with a company called KLEIN. Two games, re-laive and Pure Pure, along with a Pure Pure fandisk were released. I believe a lot of people are familiar with inumimi designs from Pure Pure.

More recently she’s done a lot of guest art for various doujin circles, publishers, and eroge companies. A few notable mentions include art for the To Heart 2: Another Days and Megiddo goods sets by Leaf.

CHRONOLOG circa 2001:

CHRONOLOG circa 2003:

CHRONOLOG summer 2007:


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