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PotD #1

Posted Oct 18, 07:20 AM by GipFace

Ehh… my ANOD ReVu section officially gets the axe. I just don’t feel like writing an essay every week (but I did watch AIR 7 and it was okay.) On the other hand, here’s a brand new section where I will post thought-provoking ideas from message boards! It’s the Post of the Day! Whether a post tingles your brain or is flat-out comical, one thing’s for sure: it’s good-natured entertainment all around!

Source: GameFAQs Board 8 – Contests



  1. Oct 18, 02:11 PM

    cyanoacry Says:

    hahahah. cry moar.

    He’s just rationalizing to himself so that he can feel better. Obviously there are lots of options if you’re willing to work hard; e.g. independent study with a professor. You just need to knock on doors and assemble a project that proves you’re a genius. He should go make a cyclotron or something and then see what doors open to him.

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