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Dramatic Halo 3 Marketing

Posted Sep 21, 11:56 PM by Ayu to Gaming (ゲーム), Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画)

If you’re a (decent to moderate) fan of the Halo series like I am. There is the off chance that you might also find their recent marketing a bit sappy. By sappy I mean, in the sort of way you might respond to a friends lame sob story. With a verbal blow that uses something along the lines of suggesting violin played in the background. I thought about this as I watched the new videos at, except the ones I’m talking about already have violin playing in the background.

I don’t think it is over dramatic for the series of games. You can take a comical story and put in a sharp diversion for some drama. Halo never really pulled me into that sort of feeling. My memories of the games are mostly comprised of come backs and catchy lines from both in-game characters and friends over multiplayer. So while it is sudden, I can’t say that is the exact reason. It is something I can’t put my finger on. I am leaning towards suggesting it wasn’t done quite right, but I’m sure it touched some Halo players in the right way. I think a certain Lucky Star episode did a good job with a similar situation. Kanon too but it was already a drama, so I can’t really count it.

Maybe I’m a bit too familiar with the way a few animated dramas in the past portray sad events. Although, I really think this video puts it in a light I can appreciate a bit more.

Youtube Link: (Reduced Quality)


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