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VOCALOID2 & Hatsune Miku

Posted Sep 17, 01:15 AM by ckx to Music (音楽), Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画)

on 8/31, VOCALOID2, Hatsune Miku version, was released. Songs started appearing on nico nico douga almost immediately.

VOCALOID2 is a very impressive voice synthesizer. A vocal android.
Hatsune Miku is the girl singing for you, and has gotten pretty popular in the last week or two!

So what kind of stuff can you make with it and how does it work?

That ranks among the best version of "you" I've ever heard and easily my favorite VOCALOID song. As you can see, it's
an amazing piece of software that synthesizes a singing voice very well. It's got many options and features, so you can do
some nice things with it... like the background vocals there.

atm, the most popular VOCALOID song is Ievan Polkka...

I don't have to say much about it, do I? Pure awesome.

Anyways, Hatsune Miku herself is pretty cute ~.~;. There's been a lot of art of her already on JP imageboards and
artist sites... In fact, there's already an event based around her announced, scheduled for 11/3.

anyways, link spam time. favorite songs so far:

(Tori no Uta)


(Chocolate Disco)


(Hatsune Miku ~ relations)


Well, that's enough for now. You can browse for more.
Also, check out the VOCALOID2 DX Edition article!

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|  |
|  |
,―    \            
| ___)   |       ∩∩   
| ___)   |       | |_| |     
| ___)   |\___(・∀・ )___
ヽ__)_/ \___     _____, )


Bonus Video:


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