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09-07 Doujinshi, Posters, Figures, Dakimakura & etc.

Posted Sep 17, 10:25 PM by ckx to Doujinshi (同人誌), Goodies (グッズ), Miko (巫女), Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画)

so, I’ve taken pictures of recent orders. it’s c72 month, and then a bit of catch up. then I’ll have to play c72 catch up later -_-;.
ah well, picture spam time:
(p.s., excuse the shitty pictures. Camera sucks…)

First off, some doujinshi. From the top left, we have;

nagomi’s c72 set, side A and B. This is a really nice set and miko miko shitahon has some pretty awesome work…
page 9 is one of my favorite drawings ever, I think. Nice 5th year guest work too.

set of 4 stick posters that come with utaware na hon. this picture really don’t do them justice, but ah well.
excuse the ghetto harddrive “clamps” <_<; I don’t really have any real ones.

watsukiya’s c72 set, side A and B again. It’s pretty good, I like the Key book a bit, especially Kanna <_<;.

Next on the list is TOTAL WINNNN

YESSSSSSSS!!! Best dakimakura cover EVER and probably the favorite goodie I’ve ever gotten.
Carnelian (aka God #2) did this, and it’s… just great. Considering the high level of suspicious-ness on the other side,
you can view it here, you’ve been warned etc etc. Great dakimakura cover, I’ll treasure it forever.
The little book up there came with it, has some awesome sketches by Carnelian of this (nameless) miko.

On the topic of Dakimakura covers, this one is love forever!

Side A

Side B.
c70 nanoha dakimakura, it’s greaaaaaaat. Very high quality. There’s a Fate too, take pics of it later…

And then on the topic of Nanoha….

ALTER キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!
This is a very good figure. I’m getting a Fate to go with this too, so pics will come later. It’s highly reccomended…

Oh and in case you were wondering <_<;, they’re pink.

now then, anime figures…


& Back.
This is very nice, Nagasarete Airantou Manga vol. 8. Exteremly nice Ayane figure came with it, whole reason to buy these manga.
I’m definitely going to get all these figures as well.

Well so far everything has been pretty nice, huh? I think it’s time for some FUCKFAIL.

Yeah, these Guilty Gear gashapon figures just suck. Dizzy’s stand broke the second I put her on it, they don’t put together
very well, alternate colors for the lose, and they just kinda blow. Failshapon.


See this WOULD be nice if Ryuna’s damn staff actually connected. It just… doesn’t. I think mine is broken out of the capsule?
Also, her stand sucks ass. The other two are alright, though. Of course Ryuna is the one I wanted and only one I really cared for…

Getting a bit better now, here’s Aruruu from Puyo Puyo. She’s nice, I like this figure a lot. Then we’ve got two trading figures, Anita and KOSMOS.
They’re both okay, though I still want that ALTER KOSMOS figure… Might get more from this R.O.D. set, Anita is cool <_<;.

These are total win, older Mai-HiMe trading figures. Pain in the ass to put together but when you finally get Nayuki right, they’re good.
I pulled both characters I wanted so doubt I’ll get more from this set, though.

Annnd, a fairly nice & cheap Sakura maid figure, and then a GITS figure which someday I’ll probably ship off to Clam.

POSTER SPAM! I’ll be using Side A for these, except the doubles of course which is 1 for each side… that is if I ever hang them up <_<;.

Set 1, Side A

Set 1, Side B

Set 2, Side A

Set 2, Side B

Set 3, Side B (I accidently deleted side a, it’s crescent girl nude for the big one and Louise from Zero no Tsukaima on a bed looking
deredere for the other crescent one…)

Set 4, Side A

Set 4, Side B.

Most of these are from Megami magazine. They were all fairly cheap, but I like a few of them. My favorites are probably the Set 4 one and then the
Konata/Nanoha ones… Oh and the yogurting one… though Gyakuten Saiban is cool, Yogurting goods are just too hard to come by.

yay games! it took me way too long to get these, oh well. Kinda worn Melty Blood Re-ACT guide (just for the hell of it),
Tales of Tempest (disappointing as hell, but then all Tales games since PS1 are), Doki Doki Majo Shinpan, Suguri (finally…),
Guilty Gear XX Slash, and Melty Blood Act Cadenza. Oh… and… the… other… on-……

Random stuff to round off orders mostly. IOSYS cd, a few dupe OSTs, Ar Tonelico PS2 artbook, Ragnarok Online fanbook,
Tomoyo character song annnnd some f/sn pencil boards.

That’s it. So what’s all this leave with me?

not bad miko / utware loot. not bad at all.

Props to waha for the artbook, dovac for some misc stuff, and shinji for running around akihabara and c72 getting us some of these sets and doujins like a madman.


Bonus Videos:

And on the topic of fail @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@…


  1. Feb 11, 05:46 AM

    TBA Says:

    Where did you buy that Carnelian Kao no nai Tsuki dakimakura cover? which shop is that?

  2. Feb 22, 11:02 AM

    ckx Says:

    I got it off yahoo auctions japan. I’m thinking it’s gottan kinda rare in this time ‘cause I haven’t seen many around, but try searching “巫女 carnelian” or “巫女 カーネリアン” on yaj.

  3. Oct 29, 06:56 AM

    Diggo Says:

    Thanks a lot, dude :)

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